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What is a factory system?
a) Working at home, mostly by hand
b) Domestic animals working for you
c) Working in a factory with machines
d) Not working at all

I can tell a country has the most power on a map because they have the most...
a) Language
b) Land
c) Money
d) Resources

What is a domestic system?
a) Working at home, mostly by hand
b) Working in a factory by machines
c) Not working at all
d) domestic animals working for you

A negative effect of colonization was ...
a) Money
b) Power
c) Slavery
d) Land

Some of the things that make up a culture are...
a) Government, language, factories, economy
b) Government, language, economy, religion
c) Government, economy, democracy, language
d) Factories, government, language, Christianity

What is colonization?
a) Taking over another countries land and living together
b) Trading with another country
c) Many different cultures living in the same area
d) Taking over another countries land for your countries gain of power and resources.

What is a society?
a) Anything people say, do, believe, make, or build
b) Group of people who have a culture in common
c) People who celebrate the same holidays
d) None of these

What are goods and services?
a) Services are jobs that make a product, goods are jobs that serve people
b) Goods and services are things you buy at a grocery store
c) Goods are jobs that make a product, services are jobs that serve people
d) None of these

What country was considered the Birth Place of Democracy?
a) Italy
b) Russia
c) Greece
d) England

Rome had a representative democracy which means...
a) People voted on the person to represent them
b) People choose their punishment
c) People voted on the laws directly
d) People can not vote and are governed directly

In a limited government people have the right to...
a) Make laws
b) Arrest people
c) Vote
d) None of these

What is a direct democracy?
a) People can not vote and are governed directly
b) The people can vote for the laws directly
c) People can be represented in congress
d) People voted on someone to represent them

What is culture?
a) Anything people make, build, do, say, and believe
b) People that share the same holidays
c) A group of people who have the same culture
d) None of these

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