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Blood clotting is a function of
a) Red blood cells
b) Mast cells
c) Platelets
d) Plasma

What type of cartilage is found in the nose, trachea, and ends of long bones?
a) hyaline cartilage
b) elastin cartilage
c) fibrocartilage
d) thrombrocartilage

Phagocytosis, immune response to allergy, illness, and bacteria are functions of
a) Platelets
b) Mast cells
c) Red blood cells
d) White blood cells

Blood is connective tissue. What is the matrix of blood called?
a) red blood cells
b) platelets
c) white blood cells
d) plasma

Which is not a function of skeletal muscle?
a) maintain blood pressure
b) move/stabilize skeleton
c) generate heat
d) protect internal organs.

Where is the basement membrane located?
a) above the epithelium and connective tissue
b) between epithelium and connective tissue
c) below the epithelium and connective tissue
d) the basement membrane is only next to epithelial tissue

What type of epithelium has cilia?
a) transitional
b) stratified squamous
c) simple columnar
d) adipose

Where in the body would tissue with microvilli be found and why?
a) bronchi to create currents to move mucus
b) bronchi to increase surface area for protection
c) intestine to increase create currents to move material
d) intestine to increase surface are for absorption

What specialized cells make mucus?
a) lacunae
b) mast
c) goblet
d) chondrocytes

What cell specialization moves mucus?
a) cilia
b) micovili
c) goblet
d) lacunae

Stretching (distention), expansion and recoil are main functions of
a) simple squamous
b) transitional
c) pseudostratified columnar

Provide physical protection against abrasion, pathogens, and chemical attack are jobs of
a) simple squamous
b) Transitional
c) stratified squamous

Reducing friction is a job of
a) simple squamous in the lung
b) simple columnar in the intestine
c) stratified squamous of skin
d) transitional epithelium of bladder

Which are characteristics of epithelial tissues?
a) attach to connective tissue with a basement membrane
b) has a nerve supply
c) little extracellular space between adjacent cells
d) all of these are correct

What characteristic of epithelium allows it to repair itself?
a) cell division at a high rate
b) the high rate of blood flow
c) basement membrane
d) goblet cells

Epithelial tissue is avascular, so how does it receive nutrients?
a) diffusion
b) blood vessels in connective tissue
c) from the cavities it lines

Which is not a function of epithelial tissue.
a) Absorb
b) Secrete
c) protect and reduce friction
d) package and support

Which is not a location of epithelial tissue.
a) bone
b) Covering the body
c) Line body cavities
d) form glands

How are epithelial tissues named?
a) Cell shape and function
b) Cell shape and cell layers
c) Cell Layers and function

The study of tissue is called
a) Cytology
b) Physiology
c) Histology
d) Biology

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