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How many original colonies were there
a) 13
b) 12
c) 10
d) 8

The people of Great Britain were called
a) Brits
b) British
c) People of Britain
d) Americans

Who won the French and Indian War
a) French
b) Indian
c) English
d) Canada

What was the money sent from America to Britain called
a) Tax
b) Ransom
c) Payment
d) Pay-off

What was the law called that enforced the tax
a) Tea Act
b) Money Act
c) Pay Act
d) Stamp Act

What does Independent mean
a) Free
b) Alone
c) Need Someone
d) Helpless

What document did Thomas Jefferson write
a) Constitution
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Mayflower Compact
d) Freedom Papers

All men are created ____
a) Happy
b) Together
c) Equal
d) Superior

The leaders of the 13 colonies met in ____ on ____ date
a) Georgia, July 4, 1774
b) Boston, July 4, 1774
c) Virginia, July 4, 1776
d) Pennsylvania, July 4, 1776

What were the Americans in teh colonies called that did not want to be free called
a) Loyalist
b) Traders
c) Turn Coats
d) Rats

The USA and ____ were fighting again in _____
a) Great Britain, 1812
b) Great Britain, 1821
c) Georgia, 1814
d) Georgia, 1841

Who was the ruler tha started the war with France in 1803
a) George
b) Napoleon
c) Nicholas
d) James

When American ships were captured, the US wanted what
a) Justice
b) Equality
c) Freedom of the Sea
d) Revenge

The war for freedom of the sea was called
a) War of 1821
b) War of 1218
c) War of 1281
d) War of 1812

Who was President during the War
a) Lincoln
b) Jefferson
c) Washington
d) Madison

Who invented a machine to make shoes
a) The British
b) The USA
c) The Germans
d) The Canadians

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin
a) Canada
b) Britain
c) America
d) Germany

What was the Industrial Revolution
a) Change in Travel
b) Change in Communication
c) Change in goods
d) Change in thinking

Goods were made by ____, but changed to being made by ____
a) Hand, other countries
b) house, machines
c) Hand, men
d) Hand, machines

What year did the Industiral Revolution start in America
a) 1790
b) 1760
c) 1709
d) 1706

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