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A form of protest or punishment where one party refuses to buy goods from another
a) Oppresive
b) Abstain
c) Writ
d) Boycott

The unfair and harsh treatment , usually of a minority population
a) Oppresive
b) Democracy
c) Federalism
d) Anarchy

an official order issued by the government
a) Salutary Neglect
b) Writ
c) Siege
d) Constitution

Disregard by a government or authority that has beneficial effect
a) Stalemate
b) Anarchy
c) Salutary Neglect
d) Neutrality

To refrain from voting
a) abstain
b) Alliance
c) Anarchy
d) Boycott

A partnership between or among nations for a common goal, often in conflict
a) confederaiton
b) Allaince
c) Abstain
d) Constitution

A government storage facility for weapons and ammuntion
a) Writ
b) Boycott
c) Arsenal
d) Siege

A position on neither side of a conflict
a) stalemate
b) confederation
c) federalism
d) neutrality

A military blockade combined witht he relentless attack on a city or fort
a) siege
b) oppressive
c) boycott
d) writ

a point in a conflict in which both or all sides cannot win but will not retreat
a) anarchy
b) stalemate
c) abstain
d) alliance

the absence of a cnetral government or authority
a) arsenal
b) Neutraility
c) Seige
d) Anarchy

A partnership among countires or states in wich authority over all is loosely shared
a) Confederation
b) Democracy
c) Federalism
d) Salutary Neglect

A document containing the fundamental political principles on which a state or nations is governed
a) Writ
b) Constitution
c) Alliance
d) Boycott

A government controlled by the people
a) Oppressive
b) Salutary Neglect
c) Democracy
d) Federalism

A system of government that finely balances power between a central authority and smaller componet governments
a) Stalemate
b) Confederation
c) Anarchy
d) Federalism

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