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A person, animal or creature in a literary work
a) setting
b) plot
c) character
d) conflict

The main character in a literary work
a) protagonist
b) antagonist
c) direct characterization
d) character

A struggle between a character and an outside force
a) internal conflict
b) character vs. self
c) climax
d) external conflict

A struggle within a character
a) Character vs. Nature
b) Internal Conflict
c) Protagonist
d) External Conflict

The time, place and duration of a story
a) plot
b) conflict
c) climax
d) setting

The author or narrator's way of telling us about a character's personality
a) Direct Characterization
b) Indirect Characterization
c) Initiating Event
d) Conflict

The force/character working against the main character.
a) protagonist
b) resolution
c) antagonist
d) rising action

The order of events in a story
a) exposition
b) plot
c) rising action
d) falling action

The high point of the story, or when the outcome becomes clear.
a) conflict
b) falling action
c) climax
d) resolution

The spark that starts the story
a) initiating event
b) plot
c) exposition
d) climax

the events that lead to the climax
a) falling action
b) plot
c) initiating event
d) rising action

how we learn about a character through their actions, thoughts, words and other characters respond to the character.
a) direct characterization
b) external conflict
c) indirect characterization
d) internal conflict

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