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Anything that can carry out life on its own
a) Organism
b) Energy Pyramid
c) Adaptations
d) Threatened Species

Anything that controls the growth or survival of a population
a) Limiting factor
b) Carrying capacity
c) organism
d) scavenger

a single organism (plant or animal) in an environment
a) individual
b) Consumer
c) Scavenger
d) Extinct

The maximum population size that an area can support
a) carrying capacity
b) limiting factor
c) energy pyramid
d) adaptations

shows the amount of energy that is available to pass from one level of the food chain to the next
a) Energy pyramid
b) carrying capacity
c) limiting factor
d) the sun

a species that is in danger of becoming extinct
a) endangered
b) threatened
c) extinct
d) adaptations

the adjustment of an organism to the conditions of its environment
a) adaptations
b) scavenger
c) limiting factor
d) carrying capacity

a species that has died out completetly
a) extinct
b) threatened
c) endangered
d) students that do homework

a meat eating animal that feeds primarily on the remains of dead animals
a) scavenger
b) producer
c) consumer
d) decomposer

a species that is in danger of becoming endangered
a) Threatened species
b) endangered species
c) extinct
d) Michigan Football fans

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