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Geographical differences between the New England Colonies and the Southern colonies led to the development of different_____________, and the growth of __________ in the south
a) economies, manufacturing
b) economies, slavery
c) political views, manufacturing
d) religions, slavery

Which of the followin economic activities does not describe the New England Colonies (north)
a) ship building
b) fishing
c) plantation farming
d) manufacturing

What was the main consequence of the French and Indian War
a) British had War Debt
b) The French has complete control of North America
c) The American Indians gained territory
d) France and England became allies

Why is the Charter of the Virginia company of London significant?
a) Established religious Freedom in Virginia
b) Outlawed mercantilism in the colonies
c) Created a plantation farming system
d) Established the 1st representative government in the US

Why did the pilgrims move to america?
a) make money
b) create factories
c) religious freedom
d) spread disease

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the proliferation (multiplication) of slavery throughout the South
a) Short Summers
b) Plantation Farming
c) Rich Fertile Soil
d) Long Growing Seasons

Which of the following does NOT describe the Southern Colonies
a) Rich Fertile Soil
b) Short Summers
c) Warm Climate
d) Long Growing Seasons

northern economy
a) Ship building
b) Plantation Farming
c) Coal Mining
d) Fur Trading

southern economy
a) Ship building
b) Plantation Farming
c) Coal Mining
d) Fur Trading

Which of the following does NOT describe the North or New England Colony
a) Rocky Soil
b) Cold Climate
c) Short Summers
d) Long Growing Season

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