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What ocean did Magellan name?
a) Atlantic
b) Pacific
c) Artic
d) Indian

What did Magellan's voyage prove?
a) That Asia was much further away and smaller than Columbus had thought
b) That it only took 10 days to sail around the world
c) That traveling east is the only way to get to Asia
d) That there are sea monsters

Where did Columbus first land?
a) Bahamas
b) South Carolina
c) Greenland
d) Spain

What explorer's ship was the first to sail around the world?
a) Leif Erikson
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) Marco Polo

How did this capture encourage exploration?
a) It opened up the trade route
b) They realized they didn't need maps
c) Since this cut off routes, they wanted to find a western route to Asia
d) They didn't care to explore the unknown

Who landed in the Americas in 1492 but thought it was the Indies?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Ferdinand Magellan
c) Leif Erikson
d) Marco Polo

While sailing to the unknown, why were Columbus's sailors ready for mutiny?
a) They saw Native Americans
b) They were competing with other sailors to get to Asia first
c) They were fighting over gold
d) They didn't think Columbus had a good plan

Trade between Europe and Asia was stopped when the Turks captured?
a) Roanoke
b) Rome
c) Damascus
d) Constantinople

Europeans were eager to trade with Asia because they wanted.
a) silk, spices, and gold
b) wood, sea shells, and silver
c) clocks, mirrors, and beads
d) vegetables, spices, and fruit

Who was the first European to land in the Americas?
a) Leif Erikson
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Marco Polo
d) Ferdinand Magellan

Why did it take Europeans 274 years to finally want to travel to the unknown lands?
a) They did not have maps
b) They thought there were sea monsters
c) Their ships were slow
d) All of the above

The Viking settlement Vinland is located in present-day?
a) Iceland
b) United States
c) Canada
d) Greenland

How did some of Magellan's sailors die?
a) Hunger
b) Scurvy
c) Battle
d) All of the Above

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