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Who is the group of Celts that settled in Britain?
a) Gaels
b) Briton
c) Celts
d) Romans

The famous celtic king.
a) Arthur King
b) Julius Caesar
c) Celts
d) Briton

Described the celts as:
a) Arthur King
b) Julius Caesarc
c) Briton
d) Celts

Who is the roman emperor that defeated by celts?
a) Claudius
b) Celts
c) Britons
d) Romans

How many miles of stone roads?
a) 5,000
b) 200
c) 100
d) 1,000

What is the fermented beverages made from honey?
a) Mead
b) Thanes
c) Thrall
d) Romans

The story teller and honored members of society.
a) Thanes
b) scops
c) Thrall
d) Romans

Celtic beliefs that the God/spirits controlled all aspects.
a) Fatalism
b) Feudalism
c) Animism
d) Christianity

Chief of a tribe that called bronding and a friend of Beowulf.
a) Grendel
b) Brecca
c) Beowulf
d) Edgetho

Who is the father of history?
a) Monk
b) Venerable Bede
c) Norman
d) William

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