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It is the kind of sport that using a ball to shoot.
a) Basketball
b) Badminton
c) Volleyball
d) Table Tennis

2. It is well known proponent of Basketball. Who is he?
a) John Jacques
b) Dr. James Naismith
c) David foster
d) James Gibb

Dr. James Naismith was born in what year?
a) 1894
b) 1867
c) 1861
d) 1874

Dr. James Naismith was born on what country?
a) Oslo, Norway
b) Jakarta, Indonesia
c) Ontario, Canada
d) California, USA

How many rules that Dr. Naismith developed?
a) 13 rules
b) 13 rules
c) 15 rules
d) 18 rules

6. The only essential equipment of Basketball game is?
a) ball and court
b) shoes and shirt
c) towel and bottle of water
d) table and board

The fastest player of the team.
a) point guard
b) shooting guard
c) rebounder
d) blocker

Creates a high volume of shots on offense.
a) point guard
b) shooting guard
c) blocker
d) libero

A shot of in which a basket is attempted from under the net
a) jump shot
b) free throw
c) lay-up
d) tip-in

A shot in which player who has been fouled shots from behind the free throw line.
a) hook shot
b) two-handed chest pass
c) tip-in
d) free throw

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