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to begin
a) volver
b) empezar
c) entender
d) volar

to bite
a) morder
b) morir
c) montar
d) mopear

to return
a) revivir
b) volver
c) volar
d) venir

a) to eat lunch
b) to eat
c) to eat snack

to ask for
a) poder
b) poner
c) pedir
d) perder

querer changes...
a) u to ue
b) e to ei
c) e to ue
d) e to ie

to heat up
a) costar
b) calentar
c) calientar
d) couestar

to think
a) pensar
b) perder
c) pedir
d) poder

Preferir changes...
a) e to ie
b) i to ie
c) e to i
d) e to ei

What is the yo form of venir?
a) vieno
b) veino
c) vingo
d) vengo

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