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Which is not part of the definition of a mineral?
a) organic
b) solid
c) definite chemical composition
d) naturally occurring

If a mineral breaks in a smooth and even way, it has _____.
a) fracture
b) streak
c) luster.
d) cleavage

Some of the Earth's rocks are formed by the cooling of a molten material called
a) lime.
b) coal.
c) ore.
d) magma.

When an igneous rock is changed by the action of heat and pressure it becomes
a) granite. .
b) limestone
c) a metamorphic rock.
d) a sedimentary rock

Extrusive rocks are formed by
a) lava cooling on Earth's surface.
b) pressures inside Earth.
c) the attraction of magnetic particles.
d) tidal deposits of sediment

Which 2 metals make up the Earth's cores?
a) gold and silver
b) copper and iron
c) nickel and copper
d) iron and nickel

Compared to rocks in the Earth's crust, rocks in the mantle are more
a) dense.
b) mineral-rich.
c) granular.
d) porous.

Rocks are affected by heat and pressure. One source of this pressure is
a) energy from the Sun.
b) burning of fossil fuels.
c) the weight and pressure of overlying rock layers.
d) the decomposition

If shark fossils are found in the North Georgia mountains, what is the most likely explanation of how they got there?
a) sharknado
b) an ocean once covered the area
c) a swamp once covered the area
d) it's magic

Which kind of rock is fromed when volcanic lava cools?
a) sedimentary
b) metamorphich
c) igneous
d) magma

Igneous rocks form from
a) sediment.
b) mud.
c) gravel.
d) magma.

The density is highest in the Earth's
a) crust.
b) upper mantle.
c) lower mantle.
d) core.

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