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Identify the main idea.
a) There are carefully chosen stones and grass and gravel areas.
b) Each path is laid out so that the views change as one walks along it.
c) Most Japanese houses have a garden that is planned quite carefully.
d) The garden is planned so that a certain view is seen from each part of the house.

Identify the main idea.
a) He stands proud and tall with his tail and head held high.
b) The wolf pack always has a leader.
c) When he approaches another wolf in his pack, that wolf will hang its head down and put its tail between its legs.
d) He is the king, and he knows it.

Identify the main idea.
a) It has a pointed head, a long body, long arms, and short legs.
b) Bigfoot is said to be a fast swimmer as well.
c) Reports state that Bigfoot looks like an ape.
d) Reports of the strange Bigfoot make the monster an interesting puzzle.

Identify the main idea.
a) A frog's year follows a regular pattern.
b) Frogs spend the winter buried in the mud beneath ponds and lakes.
c) In spring, as the water becomes warmer, they come out.
d) Soon the females lay eggs in balls or strings of jelly.

Identify the main idea.
a) Oats can grow in many different soil types.
b) Oats are among the most widely grown cereals of North America and Europe.
c) They do well in extreme kinds of weather.
d) Most oat grain is eaten by livestock.

Identify the main idea.
a) A restaurant's service can be almost as significant as the meal itself.
b) Restaurant ratings are based on more than just food.
c) For many restaurant critics, the comfort of the surroundings will be a part of their evaluation.
d) Menu prices are always taken into consideration.

Identify the main idea.
a) The average American child is exposed to 12,000 violent acts - including rape and murder on T.V each year.
b) Adults who watch T.V. two hours a day increase their chances of obesity by 25% and diabetes by 14%.
c) Toddlers who watch T.V. for an hour each day increase their risk of having attention problems by 10%.
d) T.V. watching can be an unhealthy activity.

Identify the main idea.
a) Researchers believe one quarter of mysterious fires in dwellings in the U.S. are caused b y rats.
b) Studies show that rats are to blame for 26% of electrical cable failures in houses and apartments.
c) Rats are also blamed for creating holes in walls and causing hundreds of dollars of damage to property. .
d) Rats cause serious problems to homeowners and apartments dwellers.

Identify the main idea.
a) Some people find it difficult to live without technology.
b) You never see them sitting quietly reading a book.
c) When they are out during the day, they do a lot of text-messaging or talking on their cell phones.
d) At home they watch TV, read e-mail, and spend time on Facebook and other social networks.

Identify the main idea.
a) Most teens who work do so to develop responsibility and gain independence from their parents.
b) Almost all teens who work are motivated by a desire to earn spending money.
c) For a majority of teens, work offers an opportunity to spend time with peers.
d) Teenagers choose to work during hte school year for a variety of reasons.

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