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and are applied over software that you already have installed
a) patches
b) bandages
c) updates
d) syntax

software delivery method where an application is licensed for use as a service
a) Network License
b) the cloud
c) Software as a Service
d) shareware

gives an organization the right to install a program on a server which can be accessed by a specific number of computers
a) network license
b) single user license
c) flowchart
d) server

gives you the right to install the software on a single computer
a) network license
b) open source
c) freeware
d) single-user license

that gives you permission to use the program
a) the owner
b) software license
c) usability
d) software interaction

Programs that help to maintain computer hardware or other software
a) utilities and language translators
b) application software
c) computer programmers
d) input devices

Provides an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware
a) operating system
b) application softwares
c) language translators
d) input devices

a group of programs that coordinate and control the resources and operations of a computer system
a) input
b) system software
c) application software
d) output

this allows you to modify and apply rules to the data
a) binary
b) application software
c) computer programming
d) syntax

manage computer resources at a low level (usually one task)
a) utilities
b) monitor
c) applications
d) cpu

refers to the operating system and all utility programs
a) application software
b) utilites
c) system software
d) syntax

helps you perform a specific task
a) application software
b) hardware
c) flowcharts
d) computer programming

a formal set of terms used by a programmer when writing code
a) binary
b) input
c) syntax
d) code

shows different logical steps a program will take depending on what data is inputted
a) diagram
b) blueprints
c) flowchart
d) map

a multistep process that performs a task more efficiently using a computer
a) software development
b) computer processing cycle
c) flowchart
d) cpu

a set of clearly defined, logical steps that solve a problem
a) random access memory
b) syntax
c) algorithm
d) binary

The process of using an input device to enter data
a) inputting
b) operations
c) data
d) processing

programming code written to provide instructions to the hardware so it can perform tasks
a) hardware
b) utilities
c) software
d) input devices

revised versions of a software program and require the purchase of a newer version of the software
a) patches
b) level up
c) upgrade
d) utilites

applications are without platform constraints or installation requirements and are accessed through a Web browser
a) software applications
b) web apps
c) server
d) network license

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