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Someone who employs people
a) employer
b) employee
c) paycheck

A check written to a worker in the amount of money earned
a) paper paycheck
b) direct deposit
c) payroll card

A benefit of direct deposit
a) always know when money will be in the account
b) you have to have a account to have it put into
c) may have to pay fees

A reloadable debit card onto which a worker's pay is loaded
a) payroll card
b) direct deposit
c) paper paycheck

Gross Income (gross pay)
a) Amount of money earned before taxes
b) Tale hjome pay
c) The amount of money you are able to spend from your check

Federal Income Tax
a) Amount deducted depends on the amount of money you earned and information on W4
b) State Income tax
c) Social Security tax

Income for retirees, disabled, children who have lost a parent
a) Social Security
b) Federal Income Tax
c) Medicare

Health care for people over the age of 65
a) Medicare
b) Social Security
c) State Income Tax
d) Federal Income Tax

Net Income
a) The amount you make before taxes are taken out
b) Amount of money left once all deductions have been taken from check
c) Medical Insurance for those over 65

Helps to pay for roads, schools, social services
a) Federal Income Tax
b) Social Security
c) Medicare

things outside your regular pay that an employer supports and employer
a) Benefits
b) Social Security
d) Income tax

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