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Net Pay
a) the amount of money you make before deductions are taken out
b) take home pay

The form used to show you are a legal citizen of the US or have the proper paperwork to work in the US
a) W4
b) C9
c) I9
d) W2

a) a deduction that is paid to the government for health insurance for people over the age of 65 or for certain other people
b) withheld from your paycheck for social security
c) a deduction that is paid to the government for people over the age of 65 as a type of retirement
d) W4

Statement that you receive that tells how much you made in wages and paid in taxes for the year. You receive it in Jan or Feb
a) W4
b) W2
c) I9
d) Medicare

Overtime rate of pay
a) 1 1/2 times the hourly rate
b) 2 times the hourly rate
c) is paid to anyone working over 36 hours per week
d) Same rate as regular pay

Services pay by the employer over and above what you earn at work
a) Overtime Wages
b) Gross Pay
c) Benefits
d) Net Pay

An amount certain workers receive for making a sale. It is a percentage of the sale
a) Commission
b) Overtime rate
c) Hourly rate

a) a withholding that is paid to the government for health insurance for people over the age of 65
b) The form you fill out when you start work that helps the employer figure out how much to withhold from your check for taxes
c) The form you receive in Jan or Feb that tells how much money you made the previous year taxes paid

If Tommy Tunes makes $6 an hour and works 34 hours with 25% taxes withheld, what is his gross pay?
a) $204
b) $51
c) $153
d) $326

If Usher makes $12.00 an hour and works 42 hours, how much will he make per hour in overtime?
a) $18
b) $12
c) $36
d) $504

In SMART goals, M stands for:
a) measurable
b) meaningful
c) magnify

I am going to lose 25 pounds by Christmas. What is this goal missing?
a) measurable
b) timebound
c) specifics
d) attainable

In SMART goals, the R is for:
a) why is it important - relevant
b) how long will it take - real time
c) is it able to be done - reasonable

Gross Pay
a) The amount of money you make before taxes
b) the amount of money you make per year
c) the amount of money after taxes

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