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What does decide mean?
a) To choose between two options
b) To walk slowly
c) To count on someone else
d) To give equal parts

What is Wrigley?
a) a perry
b) a dog
c) a cat
d) a puppy

who is your teacher
a) Mr. Mann
b) Mr. K
c) Mrs Hankins
d) Ms Schlegel

Who is Perry?
a) chicken
b) dog
c) cat
d) mouse

Where do we live
a) California
b) Nebraska
c) Omaha
d) school

What is my favorite color?
a) yellow
b) orange
c) green
d) black

What is our school name
a) Roper
b) Kahoa
c) Meadow Lane
d) Lincoln

What is my favorite sport?
a) basketball
b) soccer
c) golf
d) tennis

What is my favorite food
a) Pizza
b) Popcorn
c) Ice Cream
d) Cake

What color is Wrigley?
a) orange
b) purple
c) yellow
d) black

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