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Define revolting
a) extremely unpleasant
b) pretty
c) rotten
d) pleasant

Define twaddle
a) something that someone said that is foolish
b) ignorant
c) dreamy
d) something that was important and necessary

Define doting
a) to love something very much
b) to find something foolish or unimportant
c) to determine to be true
d) laughter

Define delve
a) to try to find more information about someone or something
b) to understand everything
c) to love something
d) to be foolish

Define gormless
a) very foolish
b) to be slow
c) important or necessary
d) impressed

Define mooch
a) to move around slowly and without purpose
b) to hastily complete a task
c) to charge at something
d) to be strong

Define formidable
a) very powerful or impressive
b) unnecessary
c) pointless
d) larger than life

Which sentence uses gormless correctly?
a) The jacket had 300 gormless buttons.
b) My mother ate a gormless sandwich.
c) I laughed gormless.
d) He gormlessed.

Which sentence uses twaddle correctly?
a) I can never believe the twaddle that comes out of some people's mouths.
b) The child twaddled over to her mother.
c) I bought a twaddle at Walmart.
d) Peter Rabbit twaddled quickly.

Which sentence uses doting correctly?
a) They are very doting parents.
b) I accidentally doting my paper.
c) Doting regularly can be very stressful.
d) The mean girl was doting the puppy when she kicked it.

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