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What makes Stanley Flat?
a) A vacuum cleaner
b) A stack of books
c) A bulletin board
d) An iron

Who is Thomas Anthony Jeffrey?
a) Stanley's friend
b) Stanley's brother
c) A policeman
d) Stanley's uncle

What do Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop pack in Stanley's envelope when they are mailing him to California?
a) Clean Socks
b) A good luck charm
c) A letter from home
d) A sandwich and milk

What does Ralph Jones think Mr. Lambchop is carrying when they are going to the park?
a) An umbrella
b) A magazine
c) Wallpaper
d) A blanket

Why does Arthur leave the kite tied to a tree?
a) To play a trick on Stanley
b) To eat with the other boys
c) To go swimming
d) To read a book

What is NOT a feature of the most expensive painting at the Famous Museum?
a) A lady on the couch
b) A pair of bright blue dogs
c) A bearded man with a violin
d) A half-horse person

What sound does Stanley hear before seeing the thieves in the museum?
a) A loud boom
b) A whistle
c) A creaking sound
d) A scream

What do people start calling Stanley?
a) Super-Skinny
b) Super-Silly
c) Super-Sweet
d) Super-Slow

What wakes Arthur up in the middle of the night?
a) His parents laughing
b) The sound of crying
c) His alarm clock
d) A loud rattling noise.

What statement best describes Stanely
a) Stanley is just a regular boy who likes flying kites.
b) Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board one night and helps his neighbor catch two sneaky thieves.
c) Stanley is very mean to his brother.
d) Stanley likes to copy what other people do.

What happens at the end of the story
a) Stanley goes to the doctor and finds out that he will be flat forever.
b) Stanley has to get surgery to go back to his normal size.
c) Stanley's brother, Arthur, pumps him back up with a bike pump.
d) Stanley goes to school and everyone is jealous of him..

What is the MAIN problem that happens in Flat Stanley?
a) Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board.
b) Stanley gets stuck in a tree.
c) Stanley gets made fun of.
d) Stanley has to go to the doctors and he doesn't want to.

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