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_______, you add the flour, and _____ you add the eggs.
a) Before...then
b) First...consequently
c) First...then
d) Before...similarly

2. Large dog breeds can be scary. ___________, a chow-chow is more frightening than a Chihuahua.
a) For example
b) Since
c) In addition
d) First

Heather tried to improve her grade by studying harder. She turned in an extra credit book report _______.
a) after
b) however
c) therefore
d) as well

_______ her mother had many years before, Laura won the high-jump event at her school.
a) In contrast
b) Specifically
c) Just as
d) Afterward

People crowded into the building. ________, the scene looked like a party.
a) Previously
b) Finally
c) Moreover
d) Likewise

The teacher loved shaping young minds. ___________, she always had.
a) To illustrate
b) Next
c) Nevertheless
d) Of course

The team's new recruit pitched poorly and failed to tag runners. ________, the new player just wasn't what his team expected him to be.
a) In sum
b) Namely
c) Moreover
d) In the same manner

Travis knew he was in trouble for not cleaning his room. _________, he had not washed the dishes as his mother had asked.
a) While
b) Furthermore
c) Nevertheless
d) As a result

Lydia knew it was wrong to disobey her mother. _______, she agreed to go to the movies with her friends that night.
a) Afterward
b) Including
c) Indeed
d) Nevertheless

Jennifer brushed her teeth and climbed into bed. ______, she fell asleep.
a) While
b) Instead
c) Finally
d) In conclusion

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