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Which of the following marketing activities involves responsibility for a sport organization's licensing activities:
a) Community relations
b) Public relations
c) Sales
d) Merchandising

Which of the following marketing activities involves writing press releases and organizing news conferences for a sport organization:
a) Promotions
b) Advertising
c) Media relations
d) Community relations

A person responsible for matching up corporations with events that reach their target market has a career in
a) sponsorship management
b) sales promotion
c) hospitality
d) advertising sales

Which of the following is an example of marketing the sport event:
a) holding a race for a charitable organization
b) selling food products to a concession stand
c) delivering exercise bikes to retailers
d) distributing information about a NASCAR race

You are marketing the premiere of a new Lexus model, which will be revealed at a car show in Detroit. You are in charge of advertising. Which of the following would be your responsibility:
a) Researching the target audience
b) Conducting test drives
c) Taking ticket orders
d) Buying commercial time on television

Which of the following help create the excitement and enthusiasm that make the games what they are:
a) team owners
b) coaches
c) trainers
d) spectators

Promoting and selling an intangible product that is immediately consumed and cannot be resold is a unique characteristic of ___________ marketing.
a) target
b) mass
c) event
d) direct

The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Professional Golfers' Association are examples of
a) labor unions
b) trade associations
c) sanctioning bodies
d) professional societies

One characteristic of event marketing involves promoting and selling a(n)
a) tangible product
b) unique experience
c) nonperishable item
d) physical appeal

A characteristic of an event is that it is produced and consumed
a) during planned intervals
b) at the same time
c) by the same group of people
d) in unemotional ways

One of the main differences between professional and amateur athletes is that for professionals , the game is often
a) their occupation
b) fixed
c) free of charge
d) played for enjoyment

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