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What happened to the Mississippians after European contact?
a) They died from war and disease
b) They killed all of the European explorers
c) They moved to Europe
d) They all converted to Catholicism

What was the effect of de Soto's exploration of Georgia?
a) Native Americans died from war
b) Native Americans died from disease
c) De Soto never found gold and died along the trail
d) All of the answers are correct

What is the MAIN reason the Spanish set up missions on the barrier islands?
a) To convert the natives to Christianity
b) To find gold
c) To claim the land they had for the Spanish
d) To make the English jealous

Where did the French establish their colonies?
a) In Canada and New Orleans
b) In Central America
c) In South America
d) On the east coast of the modern-day US

Where did the English establish the American colonies?
a) On the east coast of the modern-day US
b) In Central America
c) In South America
d) In Canada and New Orleans

Where did the Spanish settle their missions in Georgia?
a) On the barrier islands
b) In Savannah
c) In Atlanta
d) In Central and South America

Which Spanish explorer came to Georgia looking for gold?
a) Hernando de Soto
b) Francisco de Balboa
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Vasco Da Gama

Which European country was the first to explore North and South America?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Italy
d) England

Which term best describes why the European countries decide to explore 'the New World'?
a) God, Gold, and Glory
b) Germs, Guns, and Steel
c) Power, Defense, Money
d) Conversion, Character, Creation

Where did the Spanish settle in 'the New World'?
a) Central America, South America, Florida and the Barrier Islands
b) Canada and New Orleans
c) The east coast of the modern-day United States
d) In Europe

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