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Who painted (The Last Supper)
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Mr. Richards
c) Raphael
d) Michelangelo

How did the new Renaissance worldview shape the work of Italian Renaissance artists and writers?
a) Artists and writers adopted both a new realism and an emphasis on humanity.
b) It quickly spread the works of humanists and other Renaissance writers to a large audience.
c) Scientists began to question accepted teaching, relying instead on their own observations and reasoning to get to the truth.
d) They read the ESPN the magazine.

The Renaissance supported (blank) and a wide-ranging curiosity that led people to explore new worlds or to reexamine old ones.
a) a spirit of adventure
b) humanism
c) humanitites
d) religion

Financial supporters of the arts
a) patron
b) giver
c) nice people
d) Bill Gates

Medici were from what famous city
a) Florence
b) Rome
c) Pisa
d) Seattle

Why was Italy favorable setting for the Renaissance?
a) It was a crossroad of trade and had been the center of the classical world.
b) Romans were smarter than other societies.
c) The people could read
d) They went to SLC

Renaissance thinkers had a reawakened interest in the classical learning of
a) Greece and Rome
b) Greece and Athens
c) Rome and Europe
d) Greece and Asia

How did humanism influence Renaissance painting and sculpture?
a) Artists focused on human beings, their achievements, and their relationships to God.
b) The medieval worldview was shaped by religion; it accepted tradition and the idea that only God was perfect.
c) They though that art should reflect the reality of human experience.
d) Machiavelli provided a realistic look at politics.

The Renaissance was a time of creativity and great change in...
a) Warfare, military, and teaching
b) political, social, economic, and cultural
c) education, farming, sailing, and teaching
d) political, military, sailing, and shipping

This man described manners, skills, learning, and virtues that a member of the court should have.
a) Baldassare Castiglione
b) Mr. Mahan
c) The King
d) YOU

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