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Our new sofa looks great in the living room.
a) Our new sofa
b) sofa looks great
c) new sofa
d) sofa

The girl with the green eyes moved from Wyoming.
a) The girl
b) The girl with green eyes
c) girl
d) eyes

Robin is terrified of big dogs.
a) Robin
b) Robin is
c) big dogs
d) dogs

Fluffy pancakes with syrup taste the best.
a) Fluffy pancakes with syrup
b) fluffy
c) syrup
d) pancakes

Martha and Max are basketball players.
a) Martha, Max
b) Martha and Max
c) Martha
d) Max

My little brother won the race.
a) My little brother
b) brother
c) little brother
d) little

We will eat at an Italian restaurant tonight.
a) We will eat
b) Italian restaurant
c) We
d) restaurant

Teachers and students arrived at the assembly.
a) Teachers
b) students
c) Teachers and students
d) Teachers, students

The pink dress looks like a cupcake.
a) The pink dress
b) pink dress
c) dress
d) pink dress

We must study for the test.
a) We
b) We must study
c) test
d) the test

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