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Jessica is at the mall, she is shopping for shoes.
a) mall
b) she
c) for
d) Jessica

Henry is looking at the ball, it is blue.
a) looking
b) ball
c) blue
d) it

The dog was hungry, he began to beg for food.
a) he
b) dog
c) beg
d) to

Sheila went fishing yesterday, she caught two fish.
a) fishing
b) she
c) fish
d) two

The book was open and it didn't have any pictures.
a) it
b) any
c) was
d) book

Juan was in the military and he was honorably discharged.
a) he
b) was
c) military
d) honorably

Krys wanted to ride a bike, but it was broken.
a) a
b) it
c) to
d) broken

The bike was left out in the snow and it rusted.
a) was
b) left
c) it
d) and

Kasey wanted to major in art, but her parents disapproved.
a) her
b) major
c) in
d) to

The lake was large and beautiful, it was the largest in the state.
a) it
b) was
c) in
d) the

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