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the two part naming system for naming a species
a) binomial nomenclature
b) classification
c) unicellular
d) multicellular

Science instrument used to measure temperature
a) Thermometer
b) Scale
c) Triple Bream Balance
d) Graduated Cylinder

Science instrument used to measure weight
a) Scale
b) Thermometer
c) Triple Beam Balance
d) Graduated Cylinder

Instrument used in science to measure mass
a) Triple Beam Balance
b) Graduated Cylinder
c) Scale
d) Thermometer

Instrument used in science to measure volume
a) graduated cylinder
b) triple beam balance
c) scale
d) thermometer

Rules used during lab to help keep people safe
a) Safety
b) Honesty
c) Thermometer
d) Scale

Biological Unit of all living things
a) Cell
b) Bias
c) Honesty
d) Scale

Telling the truth in science experiments
a) Honesty
b) Bias
c) Cell
d) Graduated Cylinder

When prejudiced changes the outcome
a) Bias
b) Honesty
c) Cell
d) Safety

placing organisms in a group
a) classification
b) binomial nomenclature
c) unicellular
d) multicellular

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