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what is my name
a) erik
b) coordinator
c) maya
d) none

how old am i
a) doesnt apply
b) 104
c) 5
d) 87

where do i live
a) alabama
b) virginia
c) new york
d) texas

what do i like to eat?
a) burgers
b) spinach
c) salad
d) none

how much do i way?
a) a ton
b) nothing
c) 5 kg
d) 5 gr

how tall am i?
a) 1 meter
b) 5 meters
c) 150 cm
d) 50 mm

what color am i?
a) purple
b) red
c) green
d) yellow

my pet is:
a) dog
b) cat
c) fish
d) turtle

my nose is:
a) tall
b) big
c) red
d) small

the weather is:
a) horrible
b) wet
c) hot
d) cold

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