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What does a librarian do?
a) Teaches the class
b) Helps us find books to read
c) Watches TV
d) Cooks

Who is in charge of our school?
a) Principal
b) Teacher
c) Parents
d) The Police

Who do we see when we feel sick?
a) Teacher
b) Librarian
c) Doctor
d) The Police

Who is someone who creates art?
a) Doctor
b) Nurse
c) Teacher
d) Artist

What does a Veterinarian help with?
a) Helps people who are sick
b) Helps animals that are sick
c) Helps with fire safety
d) Help people in danger

What do you do if your clothes catch on fire?
a) Run!
b) Stay still
c) Pour water on yourself
d) Stop, drop, and roll!

Who makes the rules at home?
a) Teachers
b) Children
c) Parents
d) Siblings

What does a Teacher do?
a) Helps when people are sick
b) Helps children learn new things
c) Fixes broken toys
d) Makes rules at home

Who do we call when there is an emergency at home?
a) The Police
b) Friends
c) Teacher
d) Pets

What phone number do we call in an emergency?
a) 411
b) 911
c) 336
d) 119

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