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What is a phoneme?
a) all 3 are required to be classified as a phoneme
b) smallest unit of sound
c) a distinctive sound unit
d) a sound that makes a difference in meaning

An example of a Rule of Articulation is ...
a) voiced/voiceless
b) consonant sounds
c) IPA
d) alveolar ridge

Developing phonological awareness means that...
a) teachers should not overtly correct students' pronunciation errors in order to keep the students' Affective Filter low.
b) students slowly become aware of how strong their accents are, which motivates them to practice pronunciation drills more.
c) students gain an understanding of the place and manner of articulation when pronouncing words.
d) teachers must require students to practice their listening skills everyday so that students see improvement.

Identify the minimal pair:
a) thin/tin
b) study/has studied
c) big/large
d) child/children

Examples of voiced consonants are...
a) /b, d, g/
b) /i, a, u/
c) /f, s, h/
d) /p, t, k/

The IPA is...
a) a list of phonemes.
b) useful for teaching grammar.
c) a list of morphemes.
d) useful for teaching writing.

One of the challenges for ELLs who are learning to read and speak is that Standard American English has _____ vowel sounds.
a) 20
b) 5 (sometimes 6)
c) 24
d) 26

What does the phonological system of a language include?
a) both answers are part of a phonological system
b) an inventory of sounds and their features
c) rules which specify how sounds interact with each other

Phonology is...
a) the study of the sound system of a language.
b) the study of the meaning of a language.
c) the study of the way that words are arranged in a sentence.
d) the study of the actual properties of speech sounds and non-speech sounds, and how they are produced and perceived

An example of Place of Articulation is ...
a) labiodental
b) vowel sounds
c) phonemic sequence
d) affricates

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