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to add a new command to the quick access toolbar
a) click the drop down arrow next to the toolbar
b) right click the document area
c) hover over command then ctrl qa
d) triple click command

which keyboard shortcut undoes a previous command?
a) ctrl z
b) ctrl y
c) ctrl u
d) shift tab

keyboard shortcut for open is ctrl _______
a) o
b) d
c) Tab
d) FO

clicking on the file tab takes you to which view?
a) backstage
b) onstage
c) neato
d) fun

keyboard shortcut for save is ctrl ____
a) s
b) v
c) shift y
d) alt delete

keyboard shortcut for cut is ctrl __
a) x
b) v
c) c
d) z

keyboard shortcut for switching between open apps
a) alt tab
b) ctrl alt del
c) ctrl shift end
d) right click

when you move your mouse to the ___________, (left of the text) it turns into an arrow
a) selection bar
b) quick access toolbar
c) ribbon tab
d) jo' mamma

keyboard shortcut for selecting entire document
a) ctrl a
b) shift e
c) ctrl e
d) ctrl shift home

keyboard shortcut for moving insertion point to beginning of document
a) ctrl home
b) shift home
c) home
d) end

which keyboard shortcut is copy?
a) ctrl c
b) ctrl x
c) ctrl v
d) ctrl g

keyboard shortcut for paste
a) ctrl v
b) ctrl x
c) ctrl c
d) ctrl p

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