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According to Berseth et al. ( 2009), Enfalac A+ Gentlease has been clinically proven to reduce fussiness, gas, spit-up and crying within , x hours?
a) 48 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 24 hours
d) 14 hours

According to Berseth et al ( 2009), Enfalac A+ Gentlease is clinically proven to maintain soft stool.
a) False
b) True
c) Neither true or false
d) None of the above

What are the two food molecules which are causes digestive problem in young infants?
a) Lactose and Protein
b) Protein and Fat
c) Carbohydrate and Fat
d) Fat and Lactose

If mothers are not breastfeeding, what is the 1st switch formula for digestive issues when infants exhibit fussiness, gas, spit- up and crying?
a) Full term infant formula.
b) Gentle easy to digest protein, low lactose and sucrose free infant formula.
c) Anti regurtitation formula.
d) Hypoallergenic formula.

What are the 4 common symptoms of digestive problem?
a) Acute vomitting, constipation, fever and flu.
b) Sore throat, fever, rash and crying.
c) Fussiness, gas, spit-up and unexplained crying.
d) Projectile vomiting, atopic dermatitis, blood in stool and diarrhea.

If lactose and protein are not properly digested in the small intestine, they pass into the large intestine and are fermented by bad bacteria. This can cause infant gas.
a) Agree
b) Strongly agree
c) Neither agree of disagree
d) Disagree

What are the factors that could be making your baby gassy?
a) Incorrect feeding techniques
b) Maternal diet
c) Baby's developing digestive system
d) All of the above

Which category of infants commonly have digestive issues?
a) Full term and Preterm Infants
b) Full term infants
c) Preterm infants
d) None of the above.

Enfalac A+ Gentlease is a nutritionally balanced formula approporiate for use up until 12 month of age.
a) True
b) False
c) Neither true or false
d) None of the above

Lactose is essential in our diet to help calcium absorb and serves as food for good bacteria in the gut.
a) True
b) False
c) Neither true or false
d) None of the above

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