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When we travel, we often ____ from our normal route to see new, interesting things.
a) deviate
b) substantiate
c) caustic
d) expunge

The _______ of failing that test could be huge; I may not pass the class!
a) substantiates
b) deviates
c) retributions
d) ramifications

When having a class debate, it is important to be _______ in your speech; it will be much easier to understand you.
a) mundane
b) unequivocal
c) articulate
d) substantiate

Sometimes school can be incredibly ________; it is always the same boring things we do every day.
a) mundane
b) caustic
c) expunge
d) deviate

In an age where most people do not stay at their jobs for over five years, it is incredible when people show _____ and stay at a place of work for a long time.
a) longevity
b) capricious
c) obtrusive
d) vicarious

Many people have a/an ________ for 90 degree weather; they dislike it a great deal.
a) enigma
b) disdain
c) insipid
d) longevity

I do not understand why that student will not do his work; he is a complete ________.
a) disdain
b) insipid
c) enigma
d) capricious

In order to get this done in a timely manner, we are going to need to ______ the process.
a) expedite
b) insipid
c) indifferent
d) capricous

The class didn't care one way or the other about the assignment; therefore, they were _______.
a) indifferent
b) longevity
c) vicarious
d) obtrusive

After the truth was released about who really committed the crime, the man was _______.
a) acquisitioned
b) exonerated
c) pliabled
d) embellished

If you go in there without asking, you will _____ some type of punishment.
a) resonate
b) embellish
c) acquisition
d) incur

Alan believes everything I tell him; he is so incredibly ______!
a) pliable
b) credulous
c) ulterior
d) embellish

Using _______ language in the classroom, or even in the workplace, is completely unacceptable.
a) subservient
b) derogatory
c) credulous
d) acquistion

The speech at graduation is something that really _____ with me; it had a great deal of meaning to my life.
a) creduloused
b) exonerated
c) resonated
d) incurred

It is important to be ________ when forced into a bad situation; the quicker you recover, the better the situation will become.
a) subliminal
b) resilient
c) inscrutable
d) candid

Some commercials on television often try to use ______ or hidden messages to cause viewers to buy their product.
a) subliminal
b) candid
c) derelict
d) prudence

Someone who has been teaching for 30 years would be though of as very _______.
a) resilient
b) amenable
c) derelict
d) venerable

There is no reason to ______ this issue and make this situation even worse than nit already is.
a) subliminal
b) prudence
c) exacerbate
d) emanate

When working in a group, it is important to be as _______ as possible and take suggestions.
a) derelict
b) venerable
c) amenable
d) emanate

Since it has been three years since I got that speeding ticket, it should be ________ from my record.
a) mundaned
b) expunged
c) substantiated
d) unequivocaled

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