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Which effect did President Roosevelt's New Deal have on the Great Depression? It had to do with jobs.
a) It caused hyperinflation that put many people out of work.
b) It lifted the country out of the Great Depression within two years
c) It provided jobs for thousands, but it did not end unemployment.
d) It bankrupted the federal government, making the Great Depression much worse.

Which statement about the Cold War is not true? It had to do with the Soviet Union.
a) The city of Berlin remained divided for more than four decades.
b) The collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union brought an end to the Cold War.
c) The Soviet Union and its communist allies formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
d) The partition between Eastern and Western Europe was known as the Iron Curtain.

Which statements about Nazi concentration camps are true? The camps were used to train soldiers, part of final solution. Many across Europe were sent to camps.
a) Public outrage in the U.S. forced the Nazis to shut down concentration camps.
b) The camps were used to train soldiers, part of final solution. Many across Europe were sent to camps.

Which terms accurately describe Hitler's plans for European Jews? It had to do with final solution and extermination.
a) intermingling
b) annexation
c) final solution and annexation

Which group was the target of the Red Scare during the 1950s? It had to do with communism.
a) civil rights demonstrators
b) suspected communists
c) unionized steelworkers
d) illegal immigrants

To which of these areas did many African Americans migrate during World War II? It had to do with cities.
a) prairie provinces in Canada
b) large cities in the North
c) internment camps in the West
d) small towns in the South

Which statement accurately defines the Cold War? It had to do with tension.
a) It describes the competition between Switzerland and Austria to host the Winter Olympics.
b) It was a conflict fought between Norway and Finland in 1973.
c) It refers to the alliance against Nazi Germany during World War II.
d) It was a period of great tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Which statement about America in the 1960s is not true? It had to do with urban centers.
a) Urban centers had well-funded schools and low unemployment.
b) Relations between blacks and whites in northern cities were sometimes violent.
c) Some young men became conscientious objectors who refused to fight in Vietnam.
d) California was a center of the counterculture movement.

Which accurately describes the role of the Supreme Court? It has to do with the constitution.
a) The job of the Supreme Court is to resolve whether a person accused of a crime is guilty.
b) The Supreme Court decides whether a particular law or legal ruling is constitutional.
c) The Supreme Court determines whether a majority of the America people support any given law.
d) Congress must ask the Supreme Court's permission before presenting a new law to the president.

Which statement about events in World War II is not true? It had to do with the scientists.
a) American forces used new types of ships to attack Japanese-held islands in the Pacific.
b) Germany's industries and cities were devastated by Allied bombing raids.
c) German and Japanese scientists succeeded in breaking the Allies' most secret codes.
d) Nazi terror weapons, called V-1s and V-2s, killed thousands of people in Great Britain.

Who was the totalitarian leader of the Soviet Union during the 1930s? First name was Josef.
a) Vidkun Quisling
b) Adolf Hitler
c) Benito Mussolini
d) Josef Stalin

Which statement about the Second World War is true? It had to do with isolationists.
a) The war began when China attacked Japanese bases in the Philippines.
b) At first, the United States stayed out of the war because many Americans were isolationists.
c) The Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact with France and together they attacked Italy.
d) Great Britain did not join the war until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Which statement about events at the end of World War II is correct? It had to do with the Marshall Plan.
a) Japanese emperor Hirohito committed suicide rather than surrender to the United States.
b) Germany became a united country with a free market economy under a democratic government.
c) The United States helped rebuild the economies of its enemies as well as its allies through the Marshall Plan.
d) The United States forced its defeated enemies to pay millions in reparations for starting the war.

Which answer correctly lists the U.S. presidents in the order they served? Ford came first.
a) Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan
b) George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter
c) Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush
d) Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford

Which answer accurately lists presidents in the order in which they served? Truman came first.
a) Kennedy, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson
b) Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson
c) Eisenhower, Truman, Johnson, Kennedy
d) Johnson, Kennedy, Truman, Eisenhower

Which statements about the New Deal are true? It had to do with Progressives and handicapped.
a) It was based on ideas, reforms by the Progressives. Established pensions, benefits for the handicapped,elderly,children
b) It was a federal government plan to provide assistance to oil and steel company owners.
c) It was the most important program of Herbert Hoover's administration.

Which was not one of FDR's New Deal programs? It didn't have to do with rights.
a) Fair Labor Standards Act
b) Civil Rights Act
c) Works Progress Administration
d) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Which describes how the constitutional rights of Japanese Americans were violated during World War II? It had to do with liberty.
a) Japanese Americans could not join the military to defend the nation.
b) Japanese Americans had to leave the country.
c) Japanese Americans were not allowed to own personal property.
d) Japanese Americans were deprived of their liberty without a trial.

Which of the following is the best example of McCarthyism? It had to do with accusing.
a) raising the American flag on federal holidays
b) taking a strong stand against lynching
c) publicly accusing someone of having a communist ties
d) voting to limit Chinese immigration

In this speech, what was Roosevelt urging Congress to do? YESTERDAY, DECEMBER 7 1941 A DATE WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY, I HAVE DIRECTED THAT ALL MEASURES BE TAKEN FOR OUR DEFENSE. Japan bombed Pear Harbor. It had to do with Pearl Harbor.
a) declare war on Germany after German submarines attacked U.S. ships
b) continue to support U.S. neutrality in World War II
c) support the D-Day offensive in Normandy
d) declare war on Japan after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor

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