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Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke these famous words: Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last. Who, according to King, would be free? It had to do with all Americans.
a) all Americans
b) all immigrants
c) some African Americans
d) some minorities

Birmingham police chief Eugene Bull Connor used dogs and fire hoses to discourage civil rights marchers. Who actually benefited most from those tactics? It had to do with ugliness.
a) Bull Connor, who was called a hero and given a medal by President Kennedy
b) the civil rights movement, because the whole world could see the ugly face of racism
c) white racists who kept Birmingham from changing its segregation policies
d) white citizens who believed they were protected from the civil rights marchers

Which statement describes a cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis? It had to do with he Soviet's setting up missiles.
a) The United States and Cuba traded missiles to threaten the Soviet Union.
b) Castro sent missiles to Russia to threaten the United States.
c) The Soviet Union set up missiles in Cuba and aimed them at the United States.
d) The Soviet Union and Cuba signed a treaty that banned missiles.

Which statement about the Cuban Missile Crisis is true? Had to do with removing Castro's power.
a) The U.S. government backed down and allowed the Soviets to place missiles in Cuba.
b) The Soviets agreed to remove missiles from Cuba and the U.S. agreed to remove missiles from Turkey.
c) Khrushchev agreed to allow American forces to occupy Cuba and remove Castro from power.
d) Kennedy and Khrushchev secretly agreed to divide the island of Cuba between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

Which statement about the importance of Cuba's geographic location is true? Has to do with missiles.
a) Cuban warplanes could easily reach American cities on the West Coast.
b) Cuba's position next to the Panama Canal made it a threat to American shipping.
c) American planes crossing the Atlantic would have to fly through Cuban airspace.
d) Soviet missiles based in Cuba could reach the U.S. with little warning time.

Which organization did President Kennedy establish to allow Americans to share their knowledge and experience with the poor nations of the world? It had to do with peace.
a) Marine Corps
b) Job Corps
c) Peace Corps
d) Earth Corps

Which organization was formed in the 1960s by young blacks who were fed up with the slow pace of progress on civil rights? It had to do with students.
a) the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
b) the American Civil Rights Institute
c) the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
d) the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Which statement accurately describes the New Frontier? It had to do with President Kennedy.
a) It was President Kennedy's plan for legislation to address civil rights and other domestic reforms.
b) It was a bill passed by Congress to expand America's space program.
c) It was President Johnson's strategy to keep South Vietnam from falling to the communists.
d) It was a national advertising campaign to encourage people to move to Alaska.

Which term refers to President Johnson's program to end poverty, improve education, and provide health care to all? It had to do with society.
a) the Square Deal
b) the Fair Shake
c) the Great Society
d) the New Frontier

Which effect did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution have on America's role in the Vietnam War? It had to do with President Johnson.
a) It ended U.S. participation in the war by turning over responsibility to the South Vietnamese government.
b) It allowed President Johnson to escalate the war by sending in ground forces and bombing North Vietnam.
c) It authorized President Kennedy to send U.S. advisors to South Vietnam to train its military forces.
d) It recognized Ho Chi Minh as the lawful leader of North Vietnam and ended U.S. aid to South Vietnam.

Which statements about the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama are true? It had to do with clergyman.
a) Clergymen from many faiths joined Dr King, Jr. in a minister's march to the Alabama capital. Reeb(white) was murdered.
b) President Johnson refused to intervene or speak publicly on behalf of the marchers.
c) Television stations across the country refused to show attacks on marchers by police because it was too graphic.

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