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What happens during translation?
a) Messenger RNA is made from a DNA code.
b) The cell uses a messenger RNA code to make protein
c) Transfer RNA is made from a messenger RNA code.
d) Copies of DNA molecules are made.

What happens when a piece of DNA is missing?
a) Genetic information is stored.
b) Genetic information is copied.
c) Genetic information is lost.
d) Genetic information is transmitted.

A mutation that involves one or a few nucleotides ic called
a) a mutagen.
b) an inversion.
c) a point mutation.
d) a translocation.

The formation of a Barr body inactivates
a) half of the genes on the X chromosome in a female cell.
b) one whole X chromosome in a female cell.
c) one whole Y chromosome in a male cell.
d) one gene on one X chromosome in a male cell.

Human males have
a) one X chromosome only.
b) two X chromosomes
c) one X and one Y chromosome.
d) two Y chromosomes.

Sex-linked genes are located on
a) the autosomal chromosomes.
b) the X chromosomes only.
c) the Y chromosomes only
d) both on the X and Y chromosome

Human females produce egg cells that have
a) one X chromosome.
b) two X chromosomes.
c) one X chromosome or one Y chromosome.
d) two Y chromosomes.

Genetic diversity in prokaryotes is primarily due to
a) the mixing of DNA during binary fission.
b) mutations in DNA.
c) the mixing of DNA during fertilization.
d) mutations in RNA.

A karyotype
a) Shows autosome chromosomes only.
b) shows a map of chromosomes.
c) is never used to determine the sex of an individual.
d) only shows the female chromosomes.

A recessive trait
a) Can only be expressed in the presence of a dominat trait
b) Can only be expressed if both recessive traits are present
c) is never expressed.
d) Can disappear after several generations.

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