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When do Germans eat their main meal?
a) Abendessen
b) Frühstück
c) Brotzeit
d) Mittagessen

What does ICE-T mean
a) ICE- tilt
b) ICE-train
c) ICE- tram
d) ICE-transfer

Gemüse means..
a) ground beef
b) fruit
c) vegetables
d) baked goods

Eier means...
a) ice cream
b) eggs
c) iced drink
d) potato

Gleis means..
a) platform
b) track
c) train station
d) compartment

Schaffner is...
a) the person at the ticket counter
b) the engineer
c) the waiter
d) the conductor

If you want to pay in a restaurant you ask for...
a) die Rechnung
b) die Quittung
c) die Speisekarte
d) das Menü

A waiter is called a...
a) Schaffner
b) Lehrer
c) Kellner
d) Teller

All your luggage is called...
a) Tasche
b) Koffer
c) Gepäck
d) Landkarte

If you need a spoon, you would ask for a...
a) Teller
b) Messer
c) Gabel
d) Löffel

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