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A door that does not have a swing is a ____ door.
a) French
b) Double-action
c) Flush
d) Pocket

On an elevation plan, windows and doors begin at a uniform height of ____ up from the
a) It depends on the height of the windows and doors
b) 6’-8”
c) 6’-10”
d) 7’-0”

Floor joists are usually spaced ____ O.C. for conventional homes.
a) 12”
b) 16”
c) 20”
d) 24”

The ____ functions as a place to greet guests and remove overcoats and hang them up.
a) Mudroom
b) Foyer
c) Living room
d) Entry way

The following are examples of special purpose rooms.
a) Shop, Garage, Living room
b) Kitchen, atrium, laundry room
c) Computer, room, dark room , atrium
d) Dark room, movie room, bathroom

The kitchen design that provides the most counter space for food preparation is ____.
a) “U” shaped
b) “L” Shaped
c) Peninsula
d) Straight Line

Ground fault circuit interrupters should be located in the following rooms or areas except ____.
a) Kitchen
b) Bathroom
c) Bedroom
d) outdoor porch

The ____ spreads the weight of the structure over a broad area.
a) Slab
b) Footing
c) Foundation Wall
d) Rebar

A ____ search should be instituted before purchasing a lot to determine if there are any legal
a) property
b) title
c) deed
d) claim

A house with the following dimensions ____ would be more economical to build than one that
a) 28’ x 53’
b) 32’ x 55’
c) 36’ x 57’
d) 40’ x 60’

Usually about ____ of the house is dedicated to the sleeping area.
a) 1/8
b) 1/4
c) 1/3
d) 1/2

The usual height of an interior door is ____.
a) 6’-6”
b) 6’-8”
c) 6’-10”
d) 7’-0”

The Federal Housing Administration recommends ____ square feet as the minimum size
a) 100
b) 125
c) 150
d) 200

CAD provides several benefits for the user over traditional drafting techniques except for____.
a) Cost for Software
b) Neatness and Legibility
c) Consistency and Efficiency
d) Accuracy Color

One disadvantage of a two-story house is that _____.
a) it is more costly to heat because of the height
b) it has little resale value
c) exterior maintenance is usually more difficult and costly
d) the bedrooms are separated further form the living area

Most codes require that the top of the foundation wall be at least ____ above the grade.
a) 8”
b) 10”
c) 12”
d) 16”

This roof design has four sides, a low pitch, and overhang all four sides.
a) Hip roof
b) Gambrel roof
c) Gable roof
d) A-frame roof

The slope of the roof is equal to the ____.
a) Rise / Span
b) Run / Span
c) Rise / Run
d) Run / Rise

The reference point of most elevations begins at the ____.
a) finish floor level
b) bottom of foundation footing
c) top of foundation wall
d) grade line

In cold climates, an attempt should be made to place all large areas of glass on the ____
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

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