Julissa Garcia- Lord Of The Flies Final Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 20024)

Questions 20-40 Of Review.

What is Jack's reaction when Ralph tells him that he is breaking the rules?
a) He promises to never do it again
b) He doesn't care
c) He cries
d) None

After Jack storms off saying that the boys don't need any rules and boys follow him, why doesn't he blow the conch to call all the boys back?
a) He's lazy
b) He knows Jack is right
c) If he blows it and no one comes, then there will be no order left on the island
d) The conch broke

Why does Piggy not want Ralph to stop being the chief?
a) Jack hates Piggy
b) There will only be hunting
c) They will never get rescued
d) All of these

Why do Ralph, Simon, and Piggy wish there were adults on the island?
a) The fire would have kept going when ship passed
b) Piggy's glasses would have been safe
c) They could have built a boat
d) All

What was Ralph crying and hoping for?
a) His mom
b) His dog
c) Sign or message from adults
d) None

What was the beast from air?
a) A jet plane
b) A dead parachutist
c) A giant bird
d) A wind storm

Who were the first to see the parachutist?
a) Ralph and Piggy
b) Ralph and Jack
c) Jack and Simon
d) Sam and Eric

What do Sam and Eric think they saw?
a) A man
b) A plane
c) A beast that had wings, teeth, and claws
d) A python

What do the boys plan to do about the beast?
a) Burn it
b) Hunt it
c) Eat it
d) Drown it

Why does Jack get so mad when it is time to hunt the beast and Ralph suggest that because Piggy is scared he should stay with the littluns?
a) He thinks Ralph is always protecting Piggy
b) He wanted to stay with the littluns
c) He wants Piggy as his partner
d) He wanted Ralph to stay with the littluns

Where was the only place Jack had not been to on the island?
a) Top of the mountain
b) End of the island (the castle)
c) The beach
d) The lagoon

While on the other side if the island, Roger calls Jack and Simon over to see that he has found...
a) A pig
b) A bird
c) Fresh pig poop
d) A tent

On their way to the mountain top, what was running through the bushes heading right at Ralph?
a) A boar
b) An adult
c) The beast
d) A bear

Ralph was proud of himself for trying to kill the boar, now what is he starting to think about hunting?
a) It's the only thing they should do
b) It's horrible
c) It's good
d) They should never hunt again

When Ralph begins to describe how he almost killed the boar and Robert pretends to be the pig, what happens to Robert?
a) Nothing
b) He got killed
c) He turned into a pig
d) He was hurt and nearly killed by the boys

What are some bad things that are happening as a result of Ralph almost killing the boar?
a) Ralph is becoming less civilized
b) Violence is increasing
c) All of these
d) Boys laugh at the idea of killing a small child

Why do Jack, Ralph, and Roger cough as they make their way up the mountain?
a) Because the ashes from when boys set part of island on fire rising in the air
b) Fog is everywhere
c) Wind picked up dirt and it got in their eyes
d) They're getting sick

How does Jack come back when he returns to tell Ralph and Roger what he saw at the top of the mountain?
a) Fine
b) Shivering of fear

What does Jack think he saw up on the mountain?
a) A man
b) A plane
c) A beast
d) A snake

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