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Why did Ralph not see the smoke coming from the top of the mountain when he saw that a ship had passed?
a) Simon purposely put it out
b) Jack took the twins (who were suppose to keep the fire going) with him to hunt

Why does the author feel the need to state that Piggy is the only boy whose hair doesn't grow?
a) He is fat
b) To show he is still civilized
c) His hair never grows because something is wrong with him

How does Jack plan to kill the pigs?
a) Making a trap
b) Acting as pigs
c) Making pig noises
d) Camouflaging himself with paint

Why is it important to keep the signal fire going?
a) If a ship passes them they can see people are on the island and they can get rescued
b) To keep them warm
c) To have light during nights

Why is Ralph so frustrated while building the huts?
a) No one else except Simon is helping him
b) The huts keep falling apart
c) Both

What happened to the boy with the birthmark on his face?
a) He drowned
b) He got rescued
c) He was eaten by bears
d) He was most likely burned in the fire that boys made when they let a part of the island catch on fire

How do the boys start the fire?
a) Matches
b) Piggy's glasses

What is ironic about Jack agreeing to speak only when you're holding the conch just after Ralph said it?
a) He had just denied Piggy the right to speak even though he was holding the conch
b) Nothing ironic

Why do you think the author describe the log that the boys use to build as a grotesque dead thing and not something positive that will help them get rescued?
a) Because the log was ugly
b) No reason
c) There was no good looking logs on the island
d) To foreshadow that something bad was going to happen shortly after

What does the conch shell represent?
a) Authority and order
b) Hate
c) Boys
d) Lack of civilization

What does Ralph suggest they can do to help themselves get rescued?
a) Swim to try to find land
b) Make a phone
c) Build a fire at the top of the mountain
d) Build a boat

What did the boy with the birthmark on his face claim he saw?
a) Bugs everywhere
b) A snake-like beastie the night before
c) A fish
d) An adult

Which boys are chosen to explore the island?
a) Ralph
b) Jack
c) Simon
d) All of these

Why would the boys agree on only being able to speak when you are holding the conch?
a) To avoid arguments and prevent situations from getting out if hand?
b) Because the conch is pretty
c) Because Simon said so
d) None

Who's idea was it to blow into the conch and hopefully get the attention of any boys on the island?
a) Piggy
b) Jack
c) Ralph
d) Simon

Who did the boys pick as their leader?
a) Jack
b) Piggy
c) Simon
d) Ralph

Why were the boys on the plane?
a) They were going on vacation
b) A transport plane was taking them to a safe place
c) They were visiting a new place
d) They got kidnapped

Who was the first person Ralph met?
a) Jack
b) Simon
c) Piggy
d) Percival

What happens to Piggy's glasses when Jack hits him on the head?
a) They fly off and get lost
b) They fall in the fire and burn
c) They fall and one of the lens break
d) They fall into beach and drift away

Who does Simon think the beast is
a) A bear
b) Themselves - the boys
c) A snake
d) Jack

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