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Which of the following words means assumption?
a) autonomy
b) supposition
c) innuendo
d) umbrage

Which of the following word means to try very hard to get someone's approval - used to show disapproval
a) pillage
b) exhort
c) ingratiate
d) relagate

Greek root that means “under”
a) gress
b) voc
c) mut
d) hypo

Latin root that means “change”
a) hypo
b) mut
c) vok
d) gress

Latin root that means “call”
a) voc
b) mut
c) hypo
d) gress

Latin root that means “walk,” “step,” “go”
a) hypo
b) mut
c) voc
d) gress

the part for the total (i.e. All hands on deck), material for the object (i.e. nylons), author for the work (i.e. Have you read Shakespeare?), instrument for the agent (i.e. The pen is mightier than the sword.), and container for the contents
a) allusion
b) imagery
c) onomatopoeia
d) stanza

the sound mimics the action (i.e. boom, bash, crack, ah choo)
a) onomatopoeia
b) metonymy
c) apostrophe
d) alliteration

links all aspects of the literary work with one another and is basically the main subject
a) conflict
b) theme
c) allegory
d) sarcasm

a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning
a) metaphor
b) inference
c) characterization
d) simile

the manner in which a story is narrated or depicted and who it is that tells the story
a) Imagery
b) Metaphor
c) Point of View
d) Conflict

the perspective or attitude that the author adopts with regards to a specific character, place or development
a) Mood
b) Tone
c) Imagery
d) Irony

refers to the practice of drawing attention to a fact that is already obvious and noticeable
a) Understatement
b) Allegory
c) Inference
d) Repetition

refers to the practice of making fun of a human weakness or character flaw
a) Irony
b) Understatement
c) Satire
d) Allegory

refers the step by step process wherein an author introduces and then describes a character
a) Tone
b) Satire
c) Theme
d) Characterization

the author uses words and phrases to create “mental images” for the reader
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) imagery
d) tone

refers to playing around with words such that the meaning implied by a sentence or word is actually different from the literal meaning
a) Onomatopeia
b) Irony
c) Alliteration
d) Imagery

a symbolism device where the meaning of a greater, often abstract, concept is conveyed with the aid of a more corporeal object or idea being used as an example
a) Theme
b) Allegory
c) Satire
d) Sarcasm

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