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How would you create a link to another web page named page2.html?
a) a href=page2.htmllink to page 2/a
b) a ref=page2.htmllink to page 2
c) a href=page2.htmllink to page 2 /a
d) a ref=page2.html

A powerful central computer that manages files and services for a network is a?
a) Server
b) Pouter
c) Proxy
d) Interfacer

What should be the first tag in any web page?
a) head
b) body
c) html
d) page

62. Internet rules , regulations that contain information that allows computers to identify one another and exchange information is known as:
a) Internet Law
b) Transmission Control Protocol
c) Routering Specification
d) Domain Name Systems

A Web Sites Interface is?
a) The coding it takes to build the site
b) The hardware required to view the site
c) All the ways the user interacts with the site
d) The content on the site that a user cannot interact with

59. Communication Lines or wireless connections that are used to connect computers together are?
a) A system
b) A grouping
c) A pairing
d) A netwrok

A Wide Area Network is?
a) Provides access to the internet for only a small group of users
b) Connects Computers across a wider geographical area, like the US.
c) Is good to use for small office with confidential information
d) Connects Wirelessly only

An example of an input device is
a) A printer
b) A monitor
c) A keyboard
d) A speaker

55. A Private local area network used internally in an organization to allow the sharing of secure files is a(n)?
a) Internet
b) Ethernet
c) Intranet
d) Secure Network

The term Hardware means:
a) The tangible, physical computer equipment that can be seen and touched.
b) The computer programs that you use, like Microsoft Word.
c) Things that are very difficult to complete
d) URL and Browsers

A global network made of smaller computer networks that allow people to share information is:
a) The Internet
b) The Extranet
c) The Intranet
d) The World Wide Web

HTML was created by ______________________?
a) Tim Berners Lee
b) Ray Tomlinson
c) Robert Lawerence
d) Bill Gates

Lawrence Roberts is credited with being the first to…
a) Building the first computer
b) Creating the first Email System
c) Connecting the first computers over phone lines
d) Creating HTML communication system

“Grain” would be a side effect of what poor camera setting?
a) Shutter Speed
b) Flash
c) ISO
d) White Balance

Which camera setting affects your “depth of field”?
a) Shutter Speed
b) Aperture
c) ISO
d) Flash

HTML stand for what?
a) Home Technology Monitor Language
b) High Text Marketing Language
c) Hyper Text Mark-up Language
d) Hyper Type Mark-up Language

Aperture is measured in what?
a) F values
b) S Values
c) Seconds
d) Millimeters

To take “high speed photos,” or to freeze motion, which camera setting would be the most important to have set?
a) A small aperture opening
b) A short shutter speed
c) A long shutter speed
d) a big aperture opeing

How your camera reacts to different sources of light can be controlled by changing which setting?
a) ISO
b) White Balance
c) Film Speed
d) Aperature

Shutter speed is measured in what?
a) F values
b) S values
c) Seconds
d) Milimeters

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