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The control unit interprets the instruction and moves data to the appropriate registers.
a) decode
b) fetch
c) execute
d) all of the above

The Arithmetic/Logic Unit, Floating Point Unit (FPU), or GPU performs the operation. The process returns to the Fetch phase for the next lines of code.
a) fetch
b) decode
c) execute
d) all of the above

When a program is opened, most of the code is copied into RAM (usually from the hard drive). This phase looks in four places for data: L1 cache, L2 cache, L3 cache and finally RAM (in this order).
a) fetch
b) decode
c) execute
d) all of the above

This is the brain of the computer
a) Input
b) CPU/Processor
c) output
d) cache memory

CPUs operate using three phases which repeat over and over during the entire time the system is powered on.
a) fetch
b) decode
c) execute
d) all of the above

A base unit can be a tower, minitower, or desktop and contains a motherboard. The motherboard contains
a) CPU central processing unit
b) ALU arithmetic logic unit
c) #1 above
d) Both #1 and #2

Example of wearable computers
a) MP3 players
b) tablet PC
c) desktop computing
d) storage

The conceptual model of an information handling system such as a computer.
a) IPO+S Model
b) Print server
c) Google Glass
d) cell phones

A server is used to manage or provide services for other computers. Examples are:
a) file server (provide storage access to multiple users)
b) web server (host a website)
c) Media Server (a .special type server most common in a home
d) All of the above

What are some components of the computer?
a) CPU/Processor
b) Memory (RAM)
c) Storage, Input / Output Devices
d) All of the above

What device is designed to fit on or under a desk?
a) desktop computing
b) wearab;e computer
c) a file server
d) a media server

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