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Four criteria are used to assess speaking: pronunciation, grammatical range and accuracy, lexical resource and...
a) organisation.
b) fluency and coherence.
c) intonation.
d) vocabulary.

Lexical resource refers to...
a) the range and acuuracy of vocabulary.
b) Non verbal resources.
c) Communication skills in general.

Grammatical accuracy will be affected by...
a) the length of your sentences.
b) the complexity of sentences.
c) the number of grammatical errors.

Fluency refers to your ability to...
a) speak at a normal rate without too much hesitation.
b) speak quickly without pausing.
c) sound like an advanced speaker of English.

A higher score in pronunciation means...
a) you sound like a native speaker.
b) that you are very easily understood.
c) you haven't got an accent.

Coherence refers to your ability...
a) to answer the question.
b) to give a lot of information..
c) to link ideas and language effectively.

All four criteria are equally important.
a) True
b) False

For part two, remember that...
a) you have to choose one point and elaborate.
b) you have to talk about all the points on the task card.
c) your answer should be short and clear.

For part one you will be asked to...
a) describe a past experience.
b) answer abstract questions.
c) answer basic questions about yourself, your job or your family.

Remember to...
a) be serious.
b) think before you speak so you don't make any mistakes!
c) relax and smile and try to communicate to the best of your ability.

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