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In this school subject, you lear about the past.
a) physics
b) history
c) biology
d) chemistry

This means the same as Mark.
a) grade
b) exam
c) lesson
d) school

In this school subject, you learn about living things.
a) chemistry
b) history
c) bioloty
d) PE

This means the opposite of Passed
a) did well
b) terrible
c) failed
d) finished

In this school subject, you learn to draw and paint.
a) literature
b) ICT
c) geography
d) art

I'm _________ at math. I always get an A.
a) passed
b) good
c) terrible
d) failed

Sue has to _________ a bilogy exam next week.
a) work hard
b) fail
c) take
d) made

What time is your English __________.
a) homework
b) subject
c) lesson
d) mark

Musical is an adjective. Music is a ________.
a) verb
b) adverb
c) noun
d) article

I _________ my exam last week.
a) passed
b) do
c) take
d) fail

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