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Three conducting metal sphere touch, before touching sphere 1 has a charge of +2C, sphere 2 has a charge of -8C, and sphere 3 has a charge of +3C what is the charge of each sphere after they touch?
a) -1
b) 1
c) -3
d) 48

Which of the following is a possible charge for a conducting sphere
a) 3.2 x 10^-18 C
b) 4 x 10^-19 C
c) 7.68 x 10^-19
d) 4.04 x 10^-18

A glass rod becomes positively charged when rubbed with silk. The silk becomes charged because it
a) loses protons
b) loses electrons
c) gains protons
d) gains electrons

A neutral rubber rod is rubbed with fur and acquires a charge of -2 x 10^-6 coulomb. The charge on the fur is
a) +1 x 10^-6 C
b) +2 × 10^-6 C
c) -1 x 10^-6 C
d) -2 x 10^-6 C

A charge of 10 elementary charges is equivalent to
a) 1.60 × 10^-19 C
b) 1.60 x 10^-18 C
c) 6.25 × 10^18C
d) 6.25 x 10^19 C

In the Millikan oil drop experiment, an oil drop is found to have a charge of -4.8 x 10^-19 coulomb. How many excess electrons does the oil drop have?
a) 1.6 × 10^-19
b) 2
c) 3
d) 6.3 × 10^18

The electrostatic force of attraction between two small spheres that are 1.0 meter apart is F. If the distance between the spheres is decreased to 0.5 meter, the electrostatic force will then be
a) F/2
b) 2F
c) F/4
d) 4F

The distance between two point charges is tripled. Compared to the original force, the new electrostatic force between the charges is
a) decreased to one-ninth
b) decreased to one-third
c) increased by a factor of 3
d) increased by a factor of 9

What force will a proton experience in a uniform electric field whose strength is 2.00 x 10^5 newtons per coulomb?
a) 8.35 × 10^24 N
b) 1.67 × 10^5 N
c) 3.20 x 10^-14 N
d) 1.67 × 10^-14 N

A point charge of -1.0 x 10^-9 coulomb is located 5.0 x 10^-2 meter from another point charge of +3.0 x 10^-9 coulomb. What is the magnitude of the electric force between the two point charges?
a) 6.0 × 10^-17 N
b) 1.2 × 10^-15 N
c) 5.4 × 10^-7 N
d) 1.1 × 10^-5 N

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