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This religion was not created in the Middle East!
a) Islam
b) Hinudism
c) Judaism
d) Christianity

This is part of the relationship between the distance of Earth from the sun.
a) Ancillary Equation
b) Prime Meridian
c) longitude
d) latitude

Confucianism has what true aspect?
a) It is not technically a religion.
b) It is a polytheistic religion.
c) It is based upon the teachings of ancient African scholar.
d) It is based upon the teachings of the Bible.

How is Sargon different from Hammurabi?
a) Sargon was from the Indus Valley.
b) Hammurabi was well known for writing his laws for all to see.
c) Sargon was from a time before the neolithic revolution.
d) Hammurabi was well known for unifying the city-states.

Which extisted prior to the neolithic revolution?
a) civilizations
b) specilization
c) domestication
d) hunting

Merchants bring their culture and colonists to an island, beginning a wonderful chance to expand the empire
a) This statement describes a primary source.
b) This statement describes a domestication.
c) This statement describes a traditional society.
d) This statement describes a point of view.

Shihuangadi Did not get famous for ______?
a) Building the Great Wall of China
b) Converting to Confucianism
c) Organizing his government
d) Unifying coins and currency

Cultural diffusion.... when do we see it?
a) Avocados are grown in California
b) Wild sheep are captured and bred.
c) Sushi becomes popular in New York.
d) A group of people specialize their jobs in Ghana.

What is it called when plants and animals are tamed?
a) economy
b) supply
c) civilization
d) domestication

Which river is part of the fertile crescent?
a) Tiber River
b) Tigirs River
c) Huang River
d) Indus River

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