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A site which provides a forum for buyers and sellers to trade items
a) e-Procurement
b) Procurement
c) e-Commerce
d) Web Auction

An access mechanism which allows the tracking of vehicle location through satellite
a) ISP
c) GPS
d) VAN

Delivery and warehousing activities that will provide the right goods in the right quantities in the right place at the right time
a) Business Logistics
b) Consumer Logistics
c) Commerce
d) e-Procurement

Browsing for information from multiple sites for comparison shopping purposes
a) Business Logistics
b) Logistics
c) Consumer Logistics
d) Commerce

A business that provides access to the Internet via modem, DSL, or T
a) Human Resources
b) Internet Service Provider
c) Intranet
d) Electronic Funds Transfer

When one business transfers computer-readable data into an agreed-upon format to another business
a) Intranet
b) Web Auction
c) Electronic Data Interchange
d) Value Added Network

The division of a company which hires employees and takes care of all employee-related matters
a) Human Resources
b) Electronic Data Interchange
c) Intranet
d) Web Auction

Offers services to other companies such as transaction processing, providing security, etc.
a) ISP
b) GPS
c) Logistics
d) Fulfillment Company

An electronic tool used by online consumers to purchase goods and services
a) e-Commerce
b) Shopping Cart
c) e-Procurement
d) Procurement

Is the exchange of products, services, or information over the Internet between consumers and businesses
a) B2B
b) C2B
c) C2C
d) B2G

Is the exchange of products, services, or information over the Internet between consumers
a) Business 2 Business
b) Business 2 Consumer
c) Consumer 2 Consumer
d) Consumer 2 Business

Involves the concept that businesses and government agencies can use central web sites to exchange information and do business with each other
a) Business 2 Government
b) Consumer 2 Business
c) Consumer 2 Consumer
d) Business 2 Consumer

The exchange of products, services, or information over the Internet by businesses to consumers
a) B2B
b) B2G
c) C2C
d) B2C

The activities conducted online between two businesses
a) Business 2 Consumer
b) Business 2 Business
c) Business 2 Government
d) Consumer 2 Consumer

This service provides connections, ensures security for data, and charges a monthly fee plus a fee for each transaction
a) EDI
b) HR
c) VAN
d) C2B

The purchase of goods for resale
a) e-Procurement
b) Procurement
c) Shopping Cart
d) Fulfillment Company

All purchasing activities plus all of the monitoring of all elements of purchase transactions
a) B2B
b) B2C
c) B2G
d) e-Procurement

Completing a transaction online; such as when a consumer uses a shopping cart to make online purchases
a) Transaction Processing
b) e-Procurement
c) Procurement
d) Snail Mail

A web-based private network that hosts Internet applications on a local area network
a) Intranet
b) EFT
c) Web Auction
d) e-Commerce

A service that allows account to account transfers between accounts at different banks
a) Electronic Data Interchange
b) Business 2 Business
c) Electronic Funds Transfer
d) Business 2 Government

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