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The navigation features of the website
a) Form
b) Function
c) Frames
d) Portal

Using images as links from a home page or other website pages
a) Structured Menus
b) Unstructured Menus
c) Frames
d) Graphics Menu

A point of entry into a website; the beginning page
a) Portal
b) Home Page
c) Website
d) Webpage

The actual layout of the website
a) Graphics Menu
b) Structured Menus
c) Text Menu
d) Form

Displaying two or more web pages at the same time in the same browser window
a) Frames
b) Unstructured Menus
c) Uniform Resource Locator
d) Combination Menu

10 Mbytes per second; the speed at which data is transported across information lines (cable, telephone, etc.)
a) Combination Menu
b) Target Audience
c) Ethernet Speed
d) URL

Using both graphics/images and text for website navigation links
a) Form
b) Combination Menu
c) Portal
d) Home Page

The entry into a website
a) Home Page
b) Webpage
c) Portal
d) Visitors Page

Links are easy to follow and in logical order
a) Unstructured Menus
b) Graphics menu
c) Buttons
d) Structured Menus

The group of people a website is designed to attract
a) URL
b) Webpage
c) Target Audience
d) Home Page

Using only keyed text for links from a home page or other website pages
a) Radio Buttons
b) Graphics Buttons
c) Text Menu
d) Graphics Menu

Words are hot-linked in a paragraph with no organization
a) Unstructured Menus
b) Hyperlinks
c) Text Menu
d) Structured Menus

The website's web address
a) WWW
b) Homepage
c) Index Page
d) Uniform Resource Locator

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