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An expansion of concept sketches done freehand with pencil but with more detail?
a) Working Drawing
b) Technical Drawing
c) Rough Drawing
d) Design Process Drawing

A relaistic replica made either smaller or bigger in size
a) Protoype
b) model
c) mockup
d) example

The first full size, fully functional product made with real materials
a) prototype
b) model
c) mockup
d) product

The steps that are completed in order to develop the idea into a working product
a) optimization
b) wiorking drawing
c) parts list
d) the design process

Selecting the best solution to a problem based on the resources at hand.
a) Design Brief
b) Optimization
c) Aesthetics
d) Model

Ideas put on paper, done in pencil, sketched quickly, with little detail, and done freehand?
a) Concept Sketch
b) Design Process
c) Rough Drawing
d) Optimization

An imitation of a product that is made with inexpensive materials, is ture size, and may not function completely is known as a ?
a) Prototype
b) mock-up
c) concept
d) modle

What is the difference between a note and a specification on a drawing?
a) A note applies to the whole drawing a secification applies to only 1 part
b) A specisifcation applies to a whole drawing a note applies to only 1 part
c) A specification doesn't go on drawings while notes do
d) Notes do not go on drawings only secifications

Which drawing depicts the object as viewed by the human eye?
a) Isometirc
b) Oblique
c) Auxillary
d) Perspective

An Oblique drawing is drawn back at what angle?
a) 30
b) 45
c) 60
d) 90

What is the purpose of a section drawing?
a) To show angled faces in true size
b) To show interior details
c) To show curved faces
d) To draw another Pictoral

Isometric Drawings are drawn at a __________ degree angle.
a) 45
b) 60
c) 30
d) 90

Which two views are drawn on the horizontal axis in an orthographic Drawing?
a) Top, Front
b) Front, right side
c) top and right side
d) right side and bottom

What line is used to represent things we know are in a drawing but cannot see?
a) Phantom
b) Hidden
c) Section
d) Cutting Plane

When a leader line is used to indicate a radius, the arrow head always points _________.
a) inward toward the center mark
b) outward away from the center mark
c) it depends
d) through the entire circle

How much space should there be between an extension line and the object?
a) 1/8 in.
b) 1/4 in.
c) 1/2 in,
d) 3/4 in.

Which overall dimension needs to be repeated twice in a multiview drawing?
a) Length
b) Height
c) Width
d) Depth

Lettering is kept uniform by using...
a) a t-square
b) a scale
c) being careful
d) guidelines

Right angle projection is used to....
a) transfer height inbetween the front and rsv of a drawing
b) Transfer width between the front anf top view of a drawing
c) transfer depth between the top and rsv of a drawing
d) transfer depth between the top and front views of a drawing

The 5 elements of design include all of the following except?
a) shape
b) color
c) form
d) proportion

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