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The process of developing multi-view drawings using Horizontal and vertical planes is called ________________________________?
a) Right Angle Projection
b) Orthographic Projection
c) Plain View Projection
d) Isometric Projection

How do you open up a compass correctly?
a) Using the thumbwheel
b) Pull the legs apart
c) Using the top needle
d) it doesn't matter

two circles having a common center are called?
a) symmetrical circles
b) Twins
c) Concentric Circles
d) Inscribed Circels

How many views(sides) can any one drawings have if the drafts person wants t show all the sides?
a) 3
b) It depends on the object
c) 6
d) Unlimited

A lines weight has to deal with its?
a) width
b) density
c) darkness
d) direction

I which direction should the bevel or the lead on a compass point?
a) inward toward the point
b) outward away from the point
c) it doesn't matter

What pencil lead should you use for guidelines?
a) F
b) 2B
c) 2HB
d) 4H

Stroke refers to a lines?
a) Width
b) direction
c) density
d) thickenss

Density refers to a lines?
a) width
b) thickenss
c) darkness
d) direction

what drafting tool is used to draw horizontal lines
a) triangle
b) t-square
c) traingle and t-square
d) compass

other than a compass what tool can you use to draw a circle?
a) circle tracer
b) circle maker
c) circle outline
d) circle template

To draw a circle with a compass you need to set it to?
a) the circles diameter
b) the circles circumference
c) the circles radius

What is the DP in a drawing?
a) Datum Point: it is where you start your drawing.
b) Drafting Point: It is where you start your drawing
c) Datum Point: it is where the border of your drawing starts
d) Drafting Point: it is where the border of your drawing starts

Which pencil lead should be used when drawing object lines?
a) 2B
b) H
c) F
d) 6H

What direction should someone pull the pencil when drawing vertical lines?
a) bottom to top
b) left to right
c) top to bottom
d) it doesn't matter

What direction does a right handed person draw a horizontal line ?
a) right to left
b) left to right
c) it doesn't matter
d) top to bottom

An architect draws/designs...?
a) Commercial Products
b) buildings and structures

Drafting is called a ____________ language.
a) Drawing
b) Graphic
c) American
d) Universal

A drawing that is done with tools and NOT freehanded is said to be a....?
a) Sketch
b) Concept
c) Mechanical Drawing
d) CADD drawing

The three overall dimensions needed to draw an object are?
a) Length, Depth, Height
b) Legth, Width, Height
c) Width, Depth, Height
d) Width, Length, Depth

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